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Our New Partner - the War Elephant!

For those who have been following the development of our website for a while, they may have noticed that our Issues page has been a bit lacking. Well that's about to change!

The War Elephant logo is pretty damn cool, am I right? Or am I right?

A while back, one of our members reached out to Jon Davis, a Marine and veteran who started the largest conservative space on Quora - the War Elephant. They asked him if they could use some of the writings from the War Elephant on our website, and Jon has been most gracious to us.

Yes, you guys have my complete permission. - Jon Davis

The War Elephant is a treasure trove full of well-researched, thoughtful articles from some of the most talented writers on Quora. It articulately presents issues from the viewpoint of conservatives so that our ideas and beliefs can be accurately communicated to others. (Because let's be honest - communication is just about the hardest job humans have to do.) His permission and support is a game changer for us as we aim to communicate to others our viewpoints and foster discussion and (real) solutions.

Thank you, Jon!

Quora - Check out the War Elephant on Quora!

Patreon - Support our newest supporter!

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