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The Start of Something New

After years of being out of commission, the Silicon Valley Young Republicans (SVYR) are back.

Hmm. If we're a company, our headquarters wouldn't look that bad...

Welcome to the home of the Silicon Valley Young Republicans! All are welcome! Except Democrats (just kidding - feel free to wander around our lair).

Tuesday marked the first meeting of our Executive Team after over two years of being out of commission. Today marks the launch of our website. We're excited to get started on several projects, including this website and our social media presence. Feel free to look around, but since we're just getting started, there are quite a few things in the works.

“So what do we call ourselves? Executive Team? Executive Committee? Executive Board?”
"I vote The Head Honchos."
"Okay, then, we'll go with Executive Board."
"What are we? A company?"

And of course if you would like to support our work, please donate or volunteer - we are staunch capitalists, and we'll accept capital in the form of either time or money! Well, once we get the forms and such up and working, of course.

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