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A Conservative Voice in the Liberal Heart of America

Who We Are

We are young (18-40 years) students and professionals working or living in Silicon Valley. We believe in limited government. We believe in individual liberty. We believe that the people know what's better for them than the government does. We believe that though not every endeavor will end in success, anyone can be successful, and the role of the government is simply to facilitate an environment where opportunities to succeed abound and a safety net where failures are allowed. We believe in personal responsibility - we, as individuals, not through the government, are responsible for ourselves, our country, and the world we live in. 

What We Do

We educate the public about the conservative mindset and the types of solutions conservatives bring to the table to solve today's problems. We bring together those with a similar mindset, sharing ideas and building relationships and connections that last a lifetime. We promote conservatism in Silicon Valley through working with the GOP, contributing to its growth and influence, and encouraging young people to contribute to the ideals and philosophy of the Republican Party.


Solving Issues the Right Way

To curb the growth of government in Silicon Valley and California.

To promote conservative philosophy, ideas, and solutions.


To provide a platform for conservatives to become involved, act on their ideals, and make a difference.


To introduce young conservatives to like-minded individuals.


To expose them to the political sphere and give them an opportunity for a future in politics.

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