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The Young Conservatives of Silicon Valley

We are a group of young students and professionals in Silicon Valley, the birthplace of ideas and the marketplace for the exchange of ideas. Our mission is to promote conservative ideals - individual liberty, small government, and personal responsibility. We aim to educate people, especially young people, on current issues, encourage active participation to defend and promote conservative ideals, influence the philosophy of the Republican Party, and contribute to its growth. We are a conservative voice in the liberal heart of America - the Silicon Valley Young Republicans.

Learn About The Issues


America is a nation of immigrants and their descendants, built up by their hands and minds and led by their hearts. The greatest insult to those who came here legally is the acceptance of illegal immigration. 



With the population continually increasing, housing prices have risen accordingly, leading to surges of homelessness. The answer isn't more government intervention. The answer is less.



A US citizen enjoys a powerful privilege, and its power must be zealously guarded - US citizens and US citizens alone can decide who gets to run the country. This is why Voter ID is a must.

Election Integrity


“We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” -Reagan

Public Safety


In a perfect world, all our taxes would go towards their intended use and produce the intended results. Learn why this isn't the case and why it's important for the government to be fiscally conservative.


Keep Up With The News



Learn about what we're up to! Here you'll find out about what happened at the events we hosted and participated in.  

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The Bay Area

Read conservative commentary on local happenings, such as the state of the cities of San Francisco and San Jose, what's going on in some of the top universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley, and the experiences of conservatives living in the liberal heart of America. 



Read commentary on current state laws, bills our state legislature is considering, bills on the governor's desk, important court cases in the works, and landmark cases decided by our state judicial system.